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Heavy Transport

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Your challenge is our expertise

Each heavy transport is unique and requires individual attention.

Since heavy and oversized transport vary across industries such as infrastructure, power plant, turbine blades, columns machinery and prefabricated modules each case needs to be handled at its won right.

Thanks to our well trained and experienced staff and modern fleet, we are able to provide solution for each type of heavy transport  for any distance.

Concept Handling takes over the complete coordination of the logistics, planning and monitoring of the transport. The loading and unloading is in the hands of professionals, as is the temporary storage of the transported goods.

Your advantage: Safe and cost effective methods for heavy transport
Our Services
  • Semitrailer with coil trough
    (Length: 13.6 m, width: 2.4 m , height: 2.4 m, payload: 25.5 tons)
  • Extendable MEGA
    (Length: 13.6 m, width: up to 3.5 m , height: 3.0 m, payload: 25.5 tons)
  • Gooseneck with Vario tarpaulin
    (Length: 13.6 m, width: up to 3.5 m , height: 3.3 m, payload: up to 46 tons)
  • Tele-semi low loader partly with ramps
    (Length: up to 18.8 m, payload: up to 48 tons)
  • Tele low bed
    (Length: up to 18.2 m in the low bed, loading length up to 25.4 m,  payload: up to 44 tons)
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